What Kind Of Landscaping Contractor To Hire

A home is many things, your resting place, a place to raise kids, celebrates, mark endings and beginnings, and lots more. A home holds a lot of memories, and it is always a place to look forward to.

But it is better when your home landscape is in good shape. That’s when you actually enjoy being home and can laze to your heart’s delight. If your garden or yard is in terrible shape, looking like they are in need of serious work, coming home is just coming to another job, except you have someone who can help you handle it.

Having a landscape contractor handle your garden or yard for you does not only save you from stress, but it also means you will get more professional work that will leave your yard more beautiful and leave you satisfied. However, you need to know the kinds of landscape professionals for each job before you were to even go-ahead to hire any. Here, we discuss the different types of landscape professionals and their skillset.

Landscape Architects

The architect is who to call when you just want to design the landscape. They help with the planning, and you can explain your vision for space with them. With their professional expertise, they can tell you the best way to design the space, the materials to use, the right plants for the place, etc. Whether you’re planning an annual or perennial garden, lawn or, yard, landscape architects are your best bet of making excellent use of the space you have in mind.

Landscape Designers

Their job is similar to that of architects. However, they don’t require academic qualifications like the architects. Thus, a landscape designer could just be someone who learned the skill through apprenticeship.

Landscape Contractors

They are the ones who install all the landscape features. These include the softscapes, such as vegetation and soil, as well as the hardscapes, such as water elements, fences, walkways, and stones.

Landscape Managers

After creating the landscape, maintenance is essential, or else it will just return to the jungle it was before. Most times, handling the maintenance yourself might be difficult. You can save yourself the stress by getting a landscape manager who will keep your landscape in top shape at all times.


This is an expert on plants and the person you call when your plants aren’t performing well. Whether it is a pest attack or you’re just having difficulties with the soil or climate, a horticulturist is all you need. It is even advisable that you work with one from the onset when you’re planning the landscape. A landscape architect or designer and horticulturist ensures you get the best out of your space.


The kind of job you’re doing in your yard, garden, or lawn will determine which landscape contractor to call. Knowing who to call saves you a lot of trouble.


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